Creating a unique Dance Family environment for Four Decades


Philosophy a family owned studio launched in 1980 in a church hall and has since grown to over 200 students.

Focus...Ours is solely on Dance…Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary & Hip Hop.

Unique approach...All students receive training in tap and ballet during each class then at age 6 a jazz segment is added. That’s three distinct dance core disciplines in every class, which builds strong well-rounded dancers, takes advantage of attention spans, and gives parents more value for their tuition. More importantly, we try to move up entire classes (as space and ability allows) so camaraderie, teamwork and often lifelong friendships are built.

Recital...You won’t see a collection of awkward transitions, dancers looking offstage for cues, teachers waving from the wings like many of the painful recitals we’ve seen. We pride ourselves on changing people's attitudes about attending dance recitals. We promise you will see happy, confident kids, who know their dances, and can’t wait to show you. With only 2 curtain closes, our fast paced performances conclude in under two and a half hours and will have your guests asking about next years recital rather than running for their cars.

Tuition...and best of all our tuition rates are lower than any other dance program in the area. We encourage you to compare.

Classes, Tuition & Schedule


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“After yesterday’s competition, I just wanted to take the time and THANK YOU for the time you put into teaching these girls!! Your routines, and the girls, always look cute and classy! Some of those routines yesterday…well I could go on and on….But honestly you do a great job, and I love that Madeline has you for a teacher for something that she loves to do”

— Jen


This was my first year experience with your Dance School and I have to tell you it was AWESOME!!! How I learned about your dance school was, last May I attended the recital to see a couple of my girlfriend’s children perform. I was so impressed that I immediately signed my 4 year old granddaughter up.

-C. Barrett


Just wanted to say “thank you” to you, Peggy and to the young ladies who assisted both of you this year for a great year of dance lessons and performances! My girls really enjoyed dancing all year and had a blast at the recital. Our family and friends who attended the show were very impressed again with ALL of the performances.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to our girls!

We’ll see you in September,

R. & M. Driscoll

2019-20 Calendar


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